Terry Soapmaking Waterbrook Hills board members helped to establish a Women’s Micro-Finance Program in Kwale and Vuga, Kenya, in order to provide start-up funds for women’s businesses.  To date, over 40 successful businesses have been initiated and maintained by the enterprising women of the region.  Fruit and vegetable sales, soap making, firewood sales and food making are a few of the businesses that support the women and their families.

During a visit to Vuga by 4 Waterbrook Hills board members, we learned that 9 women were feeding 72 family members from the proceeds of their micro-financed businesses.  Women's microfinanceStart-up funds are $30, and though balances of the loan are closely monitored, there is no interest or payback schedule so long as the businesswoman is making regular payments toward retiring the loan.  This program is currently completely self sustaining.

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