Brad Dunn

Brad Dunn is a retired DuPont employee who has over 20 years of management experience.  He is currently on the managing board of CityLight Vineyard Church providing financial oversight and participates on their Pastoral Leadership Team.  Brad works part time for the non-profit, Good Neighbors, as the Advancement Director responsible for fundraising and marketing.  He is currently serving as the Treasurer of the Board of Directors for Waterbrook Hills.

Lindsay Palkovitz is a cofounder of an NGO in rural, Kwale, Kenya, that seeks to empower the most vulnerable members of the Digo tribal community through community-led development programs. With a background in applied anthropology and an MS in Health Promotion, she has conducted research in the primary and secondary schools in Kwale to assess the sociocultural factors influencing adolescents’ behavioral health choices. She plans to use study findings to implement a theory-driven health program in the schools there in the upcoming years. Currently, she takes care of her two daughters, Senya and Juniper who are eager to return to Kenya with her one day soon.
Lindsay Palkovitz
Collin Palkovitz

Collin Palkovitz is the Chief Operating Officer of Pure Charity. He has more than a decade of leadership in digital marketing and business development. He worked primarily with fortune 500 clients until he joined Pure Charity in 2012. His focus is now dedicated to non-profit technology development, market research, analysis, and non-profit collaboration. Collin and his wife Lindsay co-founded a few small grass-roots community development initiatives in Kwale Kenya. Their 2 beautiful girls, Senya and Juniper, have both traveled extensively with them.

Laura & Ian Palkovitz  are “happy to be a part of the good work that Waterbrook Hills is doing to enhance the opportunities of those less fortunate.” They recently returned from a 4-year stint abroad, where they worked with Sole Hope to boost the health and welfare of underserved families in Uganda (East Africa). Laura is a mother, wife and nurse practitioner, and has volunteered with medical organizations in Uganda, Ghana, Honduras, and Nepal over the course of her career. Ian is currently working for Northbay Education in Northeast, Maryland, where he directs a social/emotional and literacy program for urban children whose educational gains suffered during the pandemic. He has worked throughout his career with underserved children around the world.    
Ian and Laura Palkovitz
Laura & Ian

Judy Palkovitz is a mother of four grown sons. She is on the leadership team of Freedom Outreach, an organization that works with children and families at risk in the city of Wilmington, Delaware. She mentors adolescent girls and young adults. Judy has worked for more than 25 years with children from challenging circumstances, developing programs for summer camps, and after school opportunities for small group and individual mentorship, encouraging growth and a sense of purpose through faith in God; empowering young people to pursue their potential. Judy is involved in humanitarian projects in Kwale, Kenya, and plans to make that an area of focus in the coming years. She is currently the Secretary of Waterbrook Hills.

Rob Palkovitz has engaged in volunteer work with children at risk in father-absent or foster families for over 25 years. He has mentored small groups of adolescents in Wilmington, DE in conjunction with Freedom Outreach. He has helped to install and repair fresh water wells in Togo, and assisted in community development work in Kwale and Vuga, Kenya. He is Professor Emeritus of Human Development and Family Sciences at the University of Delaware, and is serving as the President of the Board of Directors for Waterbrook Hills.

Chris Wolfe  is a retired professor of Business Law at the University of Delaware and brings a wealth of legal experience, wise counsel and financial expertise to Waterbrook Hills.  Chris serves on the board of Good Neighbors, working to eliminate substandard housing in southern Chester County, PA, assisting in the mission to make homes warmer, safer, drier and healthier for qualified homeowners as an expression of faith.
Chris Wolfe