Tailor ShopIn January of 2015, full funding for the Pamoja Tailoring Shop in Kwale, Kenya was provided as Waterbrook Hills’ inaugural project.  The photo shown here depicts a group of single mothers who are being trained in the Pamjoa Vocational Education Center in Vuga Kenya.  After completing their training at Pamoja, graduates sit for the Kenyan National Tailor Exam.  Though Pamoja has successfully graduated a number of nationally certified tailors, most of the graduates have had difficulty garnering sewing machines, materials, space rent, and other necessary resources to secure a living wage with their sewing and garment making skills.

image1Waterbrook Hills provided start-up funds for the Pamoja Tailoring Shop in Kwale in order to create a secure workplace to support certificate-holding graduates of the Pamajoa program.  The funds purchased 5 sewing machines, start-up materials and equipment for the shop, and rent for the first 6 months of the business.  The tailors will be providing finished garments for sale in Kwale.  They are currently producing school uniforms for several local schools including Jameelah’s Vineyard Academy and the Pamoja Children’s Center.  This project should result in a self-sustaining business that provides ongoing employment and support for women and their children.

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