Wilmington Delaware is a city of approximately 71,000 diverse people with a bounty of potential.  It has also been characterized as a city facing an array of serious challenges: high rates of violent crime, substance use, low educational attainment, high unemployment, food insecurity, housing insecurity, and poverty. A substantial portion of the urban population of Wilmington faces multiple challenges to positive living environments and family outcomes.

Waterbrook Hills has partnered with Freedom Outreach to bring positive life opportunities and social justice to children and their families, primarily in Wilmington Delaware.

Freedom Outreach was established in 1999, and consists of a network of intergenerational relationships, friendships, and mentorships, with participants ranging from young children, through adolescence and young adults. A central goal is to provide encouragement and resources for growth and development of the whole person: personal, educational, and spiritual growth.

Freedom Outreach Winter Retreat

Freedom Outreach Winter Retreat

Programing varies from year to year, but has included one-on-one, and small group mentoring, assistance, and instruction for job and housing search and applications, and financial management. Academic tutoring has been available to both individuals and groups. Small group art classes, sewing classes and project times have proven enjoyable and help develop creative thinking and basic life skills. Community service is often emphasized, with one practical approach being food preparation and distribution to those in need. This teaches cooking skills and awareness of good nutrition, as well as empathically meeting the need for food in local families.

A range of opportunities and activities that enrich the lives of the children are offered, such as swimming, tubing, boating, horseback riding, hiking, and sledding.

Easter and Christmas parties are held, with sponsored gifts distributed to over 150 children. Backpack giveaways provide school supplies in communities that are challenged for resources in the late summer. Occasionally, as need arises there is assistance with groceries for families, school uniforms, and supplies.

Freedom Outreach brings events and programs that offer a time of occasional immersion in nature, positive programming, life skills training, consistent positive interactions with peers and adults, and a faith-based message for coping with life’s challenges.  Involvement with Freedom Outreach has produced an intergenerational legacy of positive life outcomes for children and youth of Wilmington.

 If you are interested in supporting us in our efforts to help the youth and families of Wilmington, please consider making a donation.

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