Many children in the Kwale region of Kenya are in need of sponsorship from outside of their community to ensure that their educational and nutritional needs are being met.  As detailed on the child feeding and early childhood education pages, we are currently working with programs in Kwale and Vuga, Kenya.  Waterbrook Hills supports education and feeding programs at Jameelah’s Vineyard Academy in Kwale and at the Pamoja Children’s Center in Vuga.  You can join us in our efforts to create opportunities for the children and their families in these communities in Eastern Kenya by sponsoring a child on a monthly basis.

What your sponsorship provides:

IMG_3143Sponsorship of a child costs $30 per month.  Your $30 ensures that your sponsored child will have their school tuition covered, receive nutritious meals and snacks each day that they attend school, and have their school uniforms provided. Your monthly donation also helps toward general school expenses, such as books, school supplies, and educational materials for your child’s classroom.

How to select a child:

For privacy reasons, we do not post pictures and background information of children in need of sponsorship.  Board members, who have personally visited and met children who would benefit from sponsorship, are able to direct you to sponsor individual children in need.  If you are considering sponsoring a child, please use the “connect” link on this website and “send us a message” so that we can open an email or telephone dialogue with you, sharing details with you regarding specific children and their circumstances.  Waterbrook Hills partners with Pure Charity to manage the technical aspects of our child sponsorship program.  When you select the child you want to sponsor, straight-forward registration processes at Pure Charity will lead you through IMG_5248the details of making your sponsorship automatic and secure.

Pamoja Children’s Centre

The Pamoja Children’s Centre is located in Vuga, Kenya, where poverty rates are high.  The Pamoja Children’s Center has educated vulnerable children and orphans in Vuga during the past decade, making schooling accessible to children who would not otherwise be able to afford quality early childhood education. Few of the students at the school can afford to pay school fees or purchase uniforms. Because support from a founding NGO has come to an end, the child sponsorship program is essential to keep the program operational in Vuga.

Jameelah’s Vineyard Academy

Jameelah’s Vineyard Academy provides early childhood education to vulnerable children and orphans in Kwale, Kenya.  They currently enroll over 350 children, and approximately 45% are unable to regularly pay their educational expenses.