The children of Vuga
Many of the children in Kwale and Vuga, Kenya live without a sure and predictable source of food.  Those who attend Jameelah’s Vineyard Academy and the Pamoja Children’s Center get nutritional meals and snacks each school day.  For some, this is the total of their regularly provided food for the week.

The Feeding Program run through Jameelah’s Vineyard Academy serves 398 children, and gives steady employment to a full-time cook.  The feeding program at the Pamoja Children’s center feeds 68 children and provides employment to a full-time cook.

Pamoja feeding girls Each day at Pamoja it costs approximately $30 to provide nutritious food for the students and staff.  At Jameelah’s Vineyard Academy, food costs are approximately $165 daily. The cooks receive a stipend of $100 per month.  Cooking fuel costs about $200 per month.  Waterbrook Hills is committed to helping to provide vital nutrition to children through these programs.

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